Back To School with Essential Oils - for Kids

It's August and that means it's Back to School season!  The transition back to school can be hard for everyone - not just the kids.  But, for this blog, I will focus on essential oil diffuser, roller, and spray blends that will support your child not just for back to school, but for every day use.  

While these are blends that I have created, I encourage you to experiment and  find essential oils and blends that work for you and your family. 

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Back to School Diffuser Blends
  • Good Morning
  • Cranky Pants
  • Mental Clarity
  • Homework Heper
  • Happy Kiddo
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Cheerful Blance
  • Less Stress
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Deep Sleep

Remember, the essential oil drops are a recommendation and will depend on the size of your diffuser.  This is for a diffuser that holds approximately 4 - 6 oz. of water.  Larger diffusers will require more drops of essential oil to receive the same benefits. 

A great small diffuser is doTERRA's Laluz diffuser.  It has a suggestd room size of 330 sqare feet with a run time of up to 8 hours. It also has an automatic safety shut off and a glass cover. 
If you're looking for a larger capacity diffuser that will run longer, I recommend the Dawn Aroma diffuser. It has a run time of up to 22 hours. Its smart sleep mode maintains ideal humidity levels throughout the night, helping create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep. 

Another favorite diffuser of mine is from Amazon and it's a basic diffuser with 7 different colors and a run time up to 16 hours (low mist). 


Back to School Roller Recipes:
Homework Helper
Head & Neck Tension
Calm the Jitters (it's always hard meeting your new teacher and classmates)
Seasonal Support

Each of these roller recipes is for a 10 mL roller. I recommend getting rollers that have a stainless steel roller ball.  This makes for easy gliding.  Check out these on Frosted rollers or these Amber rollers on Amazon.

I also love these 5 mL colorful rollers for small hands! Each color can be a different recipe and your kid will know which one based on the color. 

Another favorite as you head back to school:

Happy Ears (1o mL)
2 drops Basil
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Tea Tree
Top with FCO
Gently massage behind ears as needed. It can also be rolled on to a cotton ball and gently placed in the ear. Never drop oils directly in the ear. 

Back to School Spray Recipes
  • Lice Stay Away Spray
  • Hand Cleansing Spray
  • Homework Focus Spray
  • Sweet Sleep Pillow Mist
What I love about essential oil sprays is that you can shake and spray and not have any lasting effects of harmful toxins. Other sprays actually use chemicals to stick to the material (carpet, clothing, etc.) and you. Think about it for a moment, they’ve created formulas to make the tiny molecules so sticky that the scent will last for weeks. I get it, having something that smells good for weeks is nice, but also having scents that do what they are supposed to do and not make us sick is nicer. 

I love these 30 mL (about 4 oz.) spray bottles from doTERRA.  They fit perfectly in my purse, a backpack, or lunchboxes, and are small enough around that little hands can use them too!  They are plastic and won't break if you drop them. Because they're from doTERRA, I know they're safe to use with essential oils

Amazon also has 30 mL glass bottles that I also love using for my DIY projects. 
Here's another favorite spray recipe: 

Odor Eliminator
  • 1 oz. Witch Hazel
  • 10 drops Purify
This is a great recipe of stinky shoes!

If you're not a DIYer (and that's ok!) doTERRA created a perfect kit that is already pre-blended specifically designed for kids.  These rollers ar pre-diluted for children's safety and use essential oils that are safe for them.

They are sold as an entire kit, including a carrying case with colorful carabiners for each roller and instructional flashcards.

Kid's Collection:
Stronger – immune Support
Brave – anxiousness
Thinker – focus
Steady – quiet the mind
Tamer – upset tummies
Rescuer – growing pains, sore muscles
Calmer – bedtime

Going back to school can be scary, awesome, stressful, and fun! Giving kids another way to stay focused and on routine by using essential oils is just another way to support your kid's minds and bodies without using harsh chemicals. 

If you're looking for an affordable, yet easy and effective way to support your kid, I recommend trying these solutions.  

Let me know which recipes you'll be trying out by leaving me a comment below! 

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